Home Sellers

Selling a home in Sea Pines just got easier with Matterport 3D technology.  According to the National Association of Realtors the number one concern of home sellers is how the real estate agent is going to attract potential buyers to their home.  Enter Matterport 3D technology, now a home buyer can view your home from the comfort of their couch.  There are many benefits to a home seller:

  1. fewer inconvenience showings, now an agent can preview your home on the internet using Matterport to see if it would suit their client and potential buyers can decide if your home might meet their needs before they inconvenience you to see it.
  2. more eyes on your home, Matterport 3D home scans are more shareable, they’re interesting, they’re unusual and they’re fun to look at.  More eyes on your home means more potential buyers.
  3. attract highly interested buyers, I frequently receive calls from buyers that have seen a home on the internet that looks interesting but they can’t get a feel for the floor plan from the pictures and virtual tour that are on the internet.  It’s easy for a homebuyer that is in Charlotte or Cincinnati to convince themselves that it’s not worth buying that plane ticket or hopping in the car to drive down to Hilton Head.  The Matterport 3D scan allows them to do a virtual ‘walk through’ of the house, experience the flow of the house and rooms, even go into the closets and bathrooms.  They can view the ‘dollhouse’, see how the house is arranged, click and zoom into a room that they want to see more closely.  They can view the floorplan and see the sizes of the rooms in relation to the size of the other rooms.

Call me today to learn how I use Matterport 3D technology to attract more home buyers to your Sea Pines home.

Click on the photo to experience Matterport.

Matterport 3D dollhouse view of Sea Pines home

Matterport 3D dollhouse view of Sea Pines home

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