Volunteering on Hilton Head Island

One of my favorite things about Hilton Head Island and Bluffton is that they are vibrant, energetic communities full of good hearted people with a passion to help their neighbors.  There are any number of charities providing vacations for ill children and their families, supporting hospice services for those that are terminally ill and their families, reading and tutoring children in our schools, feeding and protecting animals and providing medical services and help with bills to people in our community that are struggling, if you have a passion, there is probably a charity in the Lowcountry that can benefit from your talents.

That’s why I was so enthralled by an article in the January issue of Hilton Head Monthly, also featured in Lowcountry Weekly titled ‘There’s an APP for that…’.  The article was written by Denise Spencer, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, the premise of the article is that new technology widens the performance gap between wealthier and poorer students, causes socialization issues (how many times have you been out to lunch with someone that cannot put their smart phone down for 60 minutes) and causes us to waste time on our devices that might be spent better volunteering.

Denise proposed that we pledge to match our spending on new technology with contributions to charities, I love that idea!  I am going to make the pledge, will you?

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